Blossom Expeditions

About Us

Blossom Expeditions Pvt. Ltd. is a trekking, tour and outdoor company, based in Nepal. The company established by professional, experience and local expert Leaders/Guides, those who recognized the potential of Himalayan tourism and to provide the quality and reliable service. And we want to continue our effort to encourage adventure tourism in Nepal. Members of the Blossom Expeditions are qualified, trained in related field and experience for years. We do believe that our reliable, energetic, understanding and knowledgeable staffs are always ready to take challenging work on their duty.  

We have specialized Trekking, Day Hiking, Peak Climbing, City Tours, Pilgrimage Tours, Village Tours, Mountain Biking, and Exploring Off the Beaten Tracks. We can enrich your experience by navigating you through the complexities of Nepal’s challenging terrain and exotic culture. We travel with care and respect, incorporating ecological and good conservation practices. We provide travel advice, professional staff, first rate equipment and assistance in all your travel arrangements. But the rest up to you! Your body has to cope with the rocky trails, your body has to be fit to get itself up on the long steep hills, and your mind has to cope with the whole new environment. Our staff will look after the everyday worries, so you will be free to enjoy the spender of our mountains and the friendliness our people. 

So, come and join us for a thrilling holiday trip in Nepal.  Enjoy the adventure of a lifetime and create your own memories of this special corner of the world. Few areas capture people’s hearts and imagination like the Himalayas.   

The team members at Blossom Expeditions have spent over 20 years in the tourism industry, working with many different local and international travel companies. All of us are native Nepalis, many of us having been raised in the mountains. This allows us to show you aspects of the mountains and the culture that a typical guide service just can’t do. We have an excellent track record of organizing trips to different areas of Nepal and welcome the opportunity to connect you with our past clients, so you can find out about us first hand. 

Depending on the trip plan we will build with you, we will supply the necessary transportation and equipment to make your adventure a successful and very memorable one. You can bring as much or as little gear as you choose, and we will handle the rest after consulting with you.  We are your guides, not some agency that will farm you out to someone you’ve never seen and know nothing about. This allows us to keep costs low as well as assure that 100% of your trip helps the local economy. 

Our first priority is your safety and well-being. Therefore, the itineraries are carefully designed to minimize the risks of altitude sickness. The rest days we plan allow you to acclimatize and see some of the local culture while having the time to relax and absorb the mountains. Our guides have taken safety training and always carry first aid kits with all general medication. Emergencies are quite unusual, but traveling with us provides peace of mind that any unexpected possibility will be dealt with efficiently and professionally.