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Nepal White Water Rafting

Nepal White water rafting means cruising down a rushing river in an inflatable rubber raft or white water kayak over crashing waves and swirling rapids for the experience of a lifetime. Nepal, with its bountiful waters flowing from the peaks of the Himalaya and the high passes of the Tibetan plateau, possesses some of the finest whitewater rivers in the world. Additionally, Nepal is also home to one of the strongest and largest river tourism communities in the global industry. Comprised of approximately 61 companies, Nepal's river tourism industry employs thousands of Nepalese and is entirely Nepali owned, operated and supplied. This makes it unique in Nepal, and it sets a strong precedent for sustainable development and makes it appealing for responsible tourists. Additionally, whitewater rafting in Nepal, while well known among specialist river-running communities across the world, is still in its infancy which means you have the chance to do something that few other have done and see an environment that is largely unchanged and pristine. 

Nepal has many rivers for you to explore: Trishuli, Seti, Bhote Khosi, Kali Gandaki, Marshyangdi, Sun Koshi, Arun, Karnali and the Tamur. On these rivers you will find the world's most thrilling whitewater with a broad range of challenges as well comfortable camping locations in natural settings. 

Rivers Durations Class
Trishuli 1 or 2 days Class III-IV
Bhote Koshi 2 days Class III-V
Kali Gandaki (holy river) 3 days Class III-IV
Karnali 10 days Class III-V
Marshyandi 4 days Class IV-V
Sun Koshi  8/9 days Class III-IV
Tamur 2 days Class III-V
Seti 2 day Class III-IV
Arun 9 days Grade Class IV-V(-)