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Paragliding in Nepal

Paragliding is one of the most breathtaking adventure events in Nepal, taking you flying over spectacular landscapes, Mountain villages, Lakes and River valleys. Pokhara is a popular Paragliding base, and one of the world's top 5 commercial tandem paragliding sites, on account of its having all the right elements: stable thermals, good take-off and landing zones.

Tandem Paragliding means you are seated in front of the pilot, in a separate harness. From where you sit you are care-free to enjoy the incredible view, take pictures and talk with your pilot during the flight. It is pretty comfortable, apart from a large void beneath your feet!

Paragliding in Pokhara happens year-round, as long as it's not raining, and thermals are active. But the best times to go are from mid-September to November and from mid-February to April.

Standard flight (30 minutes) NPR9000 USD90
Cross-country flight (40-60 minutes) NPR13000 USD130
GoPro footage (5 minutes video) NPR1700 USD17