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Tsum Valley Trekking

Tsum Valley is a sacred Himalayan valley situated in northern Gorkha district. Tsum comes from the Tibetan word tsombo, and translates roughly as “vivid colors”. This refers to the colorful geology of the encircling mountains. The Tsum valley is a distinct geographical area whose full name is 'Tsum Tso Chucksums', which means thirteen provinces ruled as a single territory. The majestic backdrop of the Ganesh Himal, Sringi Himal, Boudha Himal ranges makes for wonderful hiking every day. This peaceful Himalayan valley is rich in ancient art, culture and religion. Hundreds of old mani walls and stupas make the area so auspicious with dozens of great monasteries including Mu Gompa, Rachen Gompa, Dephu Doma Nannery Gompa and Milarepa Gompa.

The trails are strewn with artistic stupas and lined with stone-carved mani walls made of thousands of stone slabs carved with drawings of deities and inscribed with prayers. The famous Kyimo Lung, a pilgrimage circuit in the central trans-Himalaya is a well known seat of learning and meditation. The famous Buddhist saint Milarepa is believed to have meditated in the caves of these mountains. Due to its remoteness and inaccessibility, this sacred valley and its people have been bypassed by mainstream development for centuries. As a result, the unique culture of this valley has also remained fairly intact. 

The local people are mostly of Tibetan origin and speak their own dialect. They still practice polyandry (multiple husband) system and they have their own unique culture and traditions. They celebrate festivals such as Lhosar, Dhacyhang and Saka Dawa. 

The trek begins from Arughat after a 6-7 hour bus ride or somewhat less with private transportation. The trail follows the Budigandaki river valley and passes through several chhetri, bahun and Gurung villages and their steep, cultivated farmland. The first three days you will be deep in the valley made by Budigadaki river. After reaching Jagat, the view slowly opens up and from Salleri you will see spectacular views of the Sringi Himal. From Nyak Phedi you leave main trail that follows Budigadaki river valley toward to Manaslu-Larke Pass trek. The trail goes north-east following Siyar river valley, from where the actual Tsum valley trek begins. The trail continues to Mu Gompa (one of the famous monasteries in the area).  The hidden valley is surrounded by the Boudha Himal and Himal Chuli to the west, the Ganesh Himal to the south, and the Sringi Himal to North. Basically, the trail on the way back is same except for some sightseeing trips to Rachen Gompa, Domje, Ganesh Himal Base Camp and Ripchet.  


Trip Facts

Trip Grade:
Max. Elevation:
Starts Point:
Ends Point:
Trip Duration:
21 days
Max. Group Size:
Late September to December and end of February to May
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Days Program Altitude Durations
1 Arriving in KTM and transfer to hotel 1300m  
2 Preparation day    
3 Drive to Arughat by reserved Bus or four drive 608m. 5-7 hours
4 Trek to Soti Khola 700m. 5-6 hours
5 Trek to Machhakhola 870m. 5-6 hours
6 Trek to Jagat 1340m. 7-8 hours
7 Trek to Lokpa 2240m. 6-7 hours
8 Trek to Chumling 2385m. 4-5 hours
9 Trek to Chhekhampar 3030m. 5-6 hours
10 Trek to Nile 3360m. 5-6 hours
11 Trek to Mu Gompa 3700m. 3-4 hours
12 Exploration day    
13 Trek to Rachen Gompa 3240m. 4-5 hours
14 Trek to Lokpa 2240m. 7-8 hours
15 Trek to Dovan 1070m. 6-7hours
16 Trek to Lapubesi 880m. 6-7 hours
17 Trek to Arughat 608m. 4-5 hours
18 Drive back to Kathmandu by reserved Bus or four drive 1300m. 5-7 hours
19 Free Day    
20 Free Day Sightseeing around KTM (Boddhanath biggest Buddhist temple in the world, Pashupatinath the very important temple for hindues and Patan Darbar squire.    
21 Departure to Home