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Makalu Trekking

High in the heart of the eastern Himalayan, seven valleys radiate from Mt: Makalu the world’s fifth highest peak. These valleys, particularly the Barun valley, treasure some of the last remaining pristine forests and alpine meadow of Nepal. From the bottom of the Arun valley at just 435m above sea level, the Himalayan rise to the snowcapped tip of Makalu 8463m within a 40 km. distance. Within this wide range of altitude and climatic the Makalu Barun area contains some of the richest and most diverse pockets of plants and animals in Nepal, elsewhere lost to spreading human habitation.

Most of the Makalu trekking is a remote wilderness, with just small settlement and seasonal herding in high pastures. The incredible steep topography and abundant monsoon rains (1000-4000m.m. per year) of the eastern Himalayan support unusually diverse bio climate zones and a rich storehouse of medicinal and useful plants. The trek has more the 400 species of birds, including the spotted wren babbler and the olive ground warbler. These two species have never have been seen in Nepal before. These are many animals including the endangered red panda, Himalayan black bear, the clouded leopard, ghoral, thar, wild boar, barking deer, Himalayan marmot, weasel, common langur, and monkey. 

The Arun River gushing through the park has around 84 varieties of fish including salmon. Incredibly close views of the snowcapped Himalayas, waterfalls, monasteries, wild animals, butterflies, birds, pristine forests and alpine meadows will catch your heart. Aside from the natural beauty, one of the main attractions of this trek is the people who are mainly the Bhotia people originally hailing from Tibet and who live at higher elevation and carry on Buddhist traditions. A handful of other ethnic groups including Gurung, Tamang, Magar, Rai, Newar, Bahun, Chetri and occupational castes live in lower elevations. 


Trip Facts

Trip Grade:
Moderate to Hard
Max. Elevation:
Starts Point:
Ends Point:
Trip Duration:
24 days
Min. Group Size:
Late September to December and March to May.
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Days Program Altitude Durations
01 Arriving in KTM and transfer to Hotel 1300m  
02 Preparation day for trip and half day sight seeing    
03 Fly from  Kathmandu - Tumlingtar  (448m.) and trek to  Khadbari  Camp 1040m. 4-5 hours
04 Trek to Chichila Camp 1,910m. 5-6 hours
05 Trek to Num 1490m. 5-6 hours
06 Trek to Sedua 1560m. 5-6 hours
07 Trek to Tashi Gaon 2135m, 4-5 hours
08 Trek to khauma 3550m. 5-6 hours
09 Rest day for acclimatization    
10 Trek to Mumbuk 3553m. 5-6 hours
11 Trek to Nhe Kharka 3760m.  5-6 hours
12 Trek to Sherson 4572m. 6-7 hours
13 Trek to Makalu Base Camp 4812m. 4-5 hours
14 Explore Makalu Base camp    
15 Trek to Nhe Kharka 3760m. 6-7 hours
16 Trek to Mumbuk 3553m. 5-6 hours
17 Trek to Khauma 3550m. 4-5 hours
18 Trek to Tashi Gaon 2135m. 4-5 hours
19 Trek to Pukuwa 1520m. 5-6 hours
20 Trek to Bumling 1160m. 5-6 hours
21 Trek to Tumlingtar 860m. 4-5 hours
22 Early morning fly to Kathmandu 1300m.  
23 Sightseeing around KTM (Boddhanath biggest Buddhist temple in the world, Pashupatinath the very important temple for Hindus and Patan Darbar squire.    
24 Fly back home